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School News

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March 30, 2006

Ecology Club Begins Spring Project


Members of the ecology club begin the task of preparing the soil for planting.

Sister Joan and the students received a new edition to their tools. Mr. and Mrs. Suarez, parishoners of St. Francis of Assisi, and avid gardeners donated a wheelbarrow to our school to assist with the gardening. They have been supportive of our project over the years and have been the caretakers of the parish garden until recently. We thank them for their continued assistance.

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


March 27, 2006

International Cuisine Success

Thanks to all who helped make our annual cuisine and entertainment evening a night to remember! We had delicious home cooked food and desserts, enough to feed the more than 400 who attended. Parents and children of those parents assisted with the clean-up. We thank in particular, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Pitterson, Ms.Ferdinand, Mrs. R. and Mrs. John for all the hours spent in the prepartion. This event is very special because it brings us all together in a relaxed and enjoyable way. As usual, there were many of our young alumni who return to support their school. Thanks to everyone's effort, we raised more than $2200.00 after expenses.

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


March 21, 2006

Meeting on Thursday March 23rd is cancelled

The Education Tax rally originally scheduled for Thursday evening has been cancelled. Please continue to call your NYS representatives during the next 10 days.

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


March 21, 2006

Special Events in Late March

Students in grades 7 and 8 will be attending a performance at the Borough of Manhattan Performing Arts Center,Thursday, March 23rd. Chaperones are needed.

Students in grade 4 will be attending a dance and orchestra performance at Laguardia HS of Performing Arts on Friday, March 24th. This trip is free and again, chaperones are needed.

Students in grades 4-8 will participate in a Lenten Penance Service on Wed. March 29th. Priests from our cluster, including Father Rocco, Father Thomas Ahern, Father Andy Struzzieri, Father Hilaire will join Father Juan and Father Souvenir as they administer the Sacrament of Penance to those who have already received First Communion.

The parents of the graduating class of 2006 are sponsoring various events to raise money to defray the expenses associated with graduation. The cake sale raised about $500.00! The next project is a pizza sale. The first 120 children who purchase tickets will have a pizza lunch on Friday, March 31st.

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


March 10, 2006


We received this notice from our diocesan office. Please help in this effort to secure what every taxpayer deserves: An education tax credit for children in grades K-12 in ALL schools.

Here is the message e-mailed to me this afternoon:

The Fate of Education Tax Credits Will be Decided in the Next 24 hours! Call today, not over the weekend, or put it off til Monday....call TODAY!
A $500 per-child tax credit for parents that spend on their children's education can happen this year - we must hold our State Legislators accountable for getting this done this year!
IMPORTANT...read before calling!
Here's how - and why - Education Tax Credits work: Families already spend hard-earned money on their children's education for after-school programs, tutoring, special needs services, test preparation, enrichment for talented students, or by sending their children to private school. Too often this spending produces significant financial hardship for lower through middle income families already stretched thin by the everyday reality of meeting rising fuel, food and rent costs. An Education Tax Credit will help these parents and encourage others to secure these services.
ACTION NEEDED: Call your State Senator and State Assemblymember ASAP
The Senate Operator # is 518-455-2800
The Assembly Operator # is 518-455-4100
Ask to speak to your representative - give your address and zip code - ask for the Senator/Assemblymember's name, ask for the number and ask to be connected.
First ask to speak with your representative - if you get through, or not, the message is that you are calling to urge support for Education Tax Credits AND that your VOTE (and your families VOTE) in November depends on whether Education Tax Credits get done this year! Ask if they have co-sponsored Education Tax Credit Legislation - if not, insist they do!

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


March 9, 2006

Mr. Earl Visits SFA

Mr. Earl.JPG

"Mr.Earl, who sponsors "Computers for Education" is seen here with two of our students. The postcard project is an easy way for us to generate some funds for computer accessories. For every full booklet that is returned, the school receives$5.00. The names and addresses are used one time only to solicit magazine subscribers. Please fill out the 11postcards and return the packet to school on Tuesday, the latest. Even incomplete booklets generate money; however, I am sure you know ten people who won't mind receiving one time correspondence. They do not have to purchase anything!!

Children who get 2 people to actually purchase the subscription receive a Scooby Doo tee shirt.

Everyone who returns the completed book receives two small prizes and their name goes into a raffle for a remote controlled Robot.

Please help out. in the past we have received $500.00 or more...it is a painless way to raise funds.

Thank you!

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


March 3, 2006

Mardi Gras and Lent

Winter events school 001.jpg

We celebrated Mardi Gras with a special prayer service in the auditorium and two third graders helped us understand the meaning of Mardi Gras. At the end of the prayer, the ALLELUIA was buried in a ritual reminding all that Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. The theme for Lent 2006 is "Reaching Out with Open Hands". One way we will live this theme is by participating in Operation Rice Bowl by donating money to countries in need.
Two other ways of participating will be writing letters to those imprisoned or those elderly who are shut in at home and writing letters to politicians about the need for more units of affordable housing.

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


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