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School News

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December 31, 2010

Christmas Show 2010 Delights the Crowd!!

The theme for this year's show was "Christmas across the Continents". Classes traveled from Asia to Europe to Africa to South America to North America and finally to Bethlehem, the city of David in what is now Israel in Asia. The photos below were taken by our webkeeper, Branille Bermudez, Class of 1998, also a member of SFA's Advisory Board. Thanks, Branille!!

Thumbnail image for Chr Show 12.17.10 (1).jpg

Thumbnail image for Chr Show 12.17.10 (2).jpg

Thumbnail image for Chr Show 12.17.10 (3).jpg








Chr Show 12.17.10 (4).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (5).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (7).jpg











Chr Show 12.17.10 (8).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (9).jpg                        Chr Show 12.17.10 (10).jpg      










Chr Show 12.17.10 (11).jpg


Chr Show 12.17.10 (13).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (16).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (15).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (18).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (17).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (19).jpgChr Show 12.17.10 (23).jpg

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


December 21, 2010

Santa Makes a Stop at SFA!

Noises of excitement filled the lobby of the school as Santa Claus made a surprise visit on Tuesday, Dec. 21st. A special elf accompanied Santa as he arrived in the Pre-K room. We are grateful to Santa for taking time from his busy schedule to visit as many rooms as time allowed!!!

The photos below show some of the happy faces!


Christmas 2010 (13).JPG











Christmas 2010 (12).JPG


Christmas 2010 (11).JPGChristmas 2010 (17).JPGChristmas 2010 (16).JPG

Enhanced by Zemanta

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


December 14, 2010

Christmas Show on Thursday, Dec. 16th and Other Events

Join us on Thursday night as the classes present "Christmas Around the Globe. The 7 classes have preparing with their teachers and with Mr. Williams, our music teacher to present a beautiful show with more than 200 wonderful performers!!


The event on Saturday morning  "Breakfast with Santa" had to be cancelled. Santa was busy working....next year we will have to schedule Santa earlier in December!!! 


The eighth grade parents' committee is busy buying the items for the 28 raffle prizes. Tickets are $2.00 and each class will raffle 2 items. The items will be raffled on Wed. Dec. 22nd. Please purchase a raffle ticket and help our 8th graders raise money for their graduation events.


Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


December 14, 2010

Roses in December

Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

Image via Wikipedia

Last Saturday, our parish celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the 5:00 Liturgy. This beautiful feast commemorates the appearance of Mary as a peasant woman who speaks to Juan Diego and asks for a church to be built on the very spot where she has appeared to Juan Diego. When he goes to the Bishop with the request, the Bishop asks for a sign. Juan Diego returns to the spot, Mary appears once again and tells him to gather roses to bring to the Bishop. Poor Juan is confused because he doesn't see roses; these flowers are not still growing in December. As he looks around, he sees beautiful roses which he puts into his cloak or serape and goes to see the Bishop. When Juan Diego opens his serape, the Bishop is more than astonished! The roses are beautiful, but more miraculous is the image of Mary on his cloak. This serape is displayed in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe outside Mexico City. Hundreds of pilgrims visit the shrine daily asking for Mary's blessings.


On Monday, Father Juan, our pastor sent the many roses which decorated our church to our children so that they could honor their mothers or fathers. These photos show the beautiful roses and the beautiful smiles of our grateful children!!


May Mary continue to bless our parish, our school and all the people of God!!


OLG Roses (12).JPG

OLG Roses (14).JPG

OLG Roses (3).JPGOLG Roses (7).JPGThumbnail image for OLG Roses (15).JPG

Enhanced by Zemanta
OLG Roses (1).JPGOLG Roses (2).JPGOLG Roses (6).JPGOLG Roses.JPG

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


December 10, 2010

The "NET" comes to SFA

New Evangelization Television

Image via Wikipedia

Our Catholic Diocese sponsors a TV channel on Cablevision (30) and on Time Warner (97).  There are children's shows, current news shows, and a variety of other programs.  One of the these, "Too Blessed To Be Stressed" is a religious program that reminds us of the power of God in our lives.  The hosts bring various people to discuss current issues.  One of the hosts, David Bisomo will be at our school on Monday, December 13 for a "revival" in place of our Advent service.


During this Advent season, the NET offers classic Christmas movies as well as other special programs.  Visit the website www.netny.net to see the schedule.

Enhanced by Zemanta

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


December 2, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

The time of Advent is a time for waiting, for hoping, for believing. We know that Jesus was born to poor parents at a time of Roman rule, living under difficult circumstances. Jesus is our hope: Jesus overcame the darkness of his time with the light of goodness and love.

During Advent, we try to slow down and remember what is really important: our faith, our family, praying and assisting those in need. We have been blessed with such goodness; we need to remember to share this goodness with others.


The photos below show our bulletin board with the Jesse Tree, the children we honor in December and January the value of the month for December and a special saint whose feast is Dec. 9: St. Juan Diego of Mexico.

Jesse tree.JPGDec Jan BD.JPG














Thumbnail image for Value of month.JPG













Jesse 2nd Fl 2.JPG

Written by Sister Theresa Scanlon


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